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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the website of Lugu Township Office of Nantou County. Your personal privacy is absolutely respected and protected.
For the purpose to help you understand how this site collects, applies and protects the personal information you provide, please be sure to read the following information in detail.

About the scope of policy

The following privacy and information security policies apply to the involved collection, use and protection of personal information when you engaging in the activities of this website, but not for other websites linked to the functionality of this website. All websites linked through this website, whether operated by government agencies at all levels of the nation or jointly operated by other agencies, groups, companies and this website have their own privacy and information security policies. There are no joint responsibilities with this website.

Policy on personal information collection

This website does not collect any personally identifiable information when the browsing and file downloading behavior of users occur in this website. When using the services provided on this website, if the applicant needs to provide personal information, this website will invited you to provide the latest and most authentic information such as name, contact number, email address, and communication address by demand. For the purpose to provide good interactive services and based on the requirements of maintaining the network connection status, cookies will be written and read in your browser under this policy. This website does not use cookies to record any personally identifiable information, nor to read any cookies written by other websites.

Policy on sharing personal information with third parties

This website will never sell, exchange or rent any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies. However, in the following situations, this website will share your personal information with third parties under the principles of this policy:
  • If requests of disclose certain personal information occurs when the judicial unit due to public safety or the needs of investigation or use by the relevant authorities in duties, the requests will be deemed as legal and formal procedure by this website. On the premise described in front and the consideration of security of all users of website, the necessary cooperation will be perform.
  • If a person may damage or obstruct the rights of the users of this website or related third parties, or if the website has reason to believe the information reveal are the necessary for identify, communicate or take legal action, this website could expose the personal information of user.

Policy on personal data modification

This website is obligated to protect the privacy of each applicant and will not modify or delete any personal information and files without your consent. It will be obtained unless you have agreed in advance or if:
  • Via a legal route.
  • Protect or defend the rights or ownership of the individual concerned.